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It has been a strange year. In our lifetime 2020 has been like no other, but we survived it…

Still there will be lockdowns for at least the first six months of 2021, even on the back of positive news. I don’t know what the future holds especially in the current climate. But the sense of giving and support has never been stronger.

It might be slow at first but 2021 will be a year of restart and regrowth.



Lottoraiser always promises Fast Customer Service and Lowest Price.

Sometimes big companies don’t understand "small" or "local". All I want at the end of the day it to talk to a person and keep moving. I am sure your time is just as important as mine, and I promise not to waste it.

But the cost will always be the first thing we need to consider and we are the cheapest while offering the biggest value. We operate a 15% commission fee on all tickets sold through our online ticket selling system. But we don’t charge for anything else… We don’t charge transaction fees! We have no monthly or yearly recurring charges! We have no hidden fees! And we have no VAT charges!

Then there are the benefits... Top of the list is simplicity. It is no good if it takes too much effort to use. That's why it is highly customisable and a highly automated process. The most complex part is the setup, which we do for you. So, describe your club/charity and your needs, and let us make the choice simple for you...


Email us and you will be amazed at how far we can take your lotto!

James Grimshaw




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We can digitise your Lotto Poster or you can use one of ours.

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GAA Ballsy Football
GAA Ballsy Football
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GAA Striker HalfLine
Z Line
FiftyFifty Simple
Bake Sale
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GAA Striker HalfLine