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The Lottoraiser Story

I worked in St. Brendan's Village, a small non-profit organisation with charity status and a big need for fundraising. One of the ways it did this was to run a traditional local lotto. Every Thursday my job was to collect tickets, count the money, do all the little jobs in between and then send out the results to the local shops.

I have a big passion for technology, so naturally the first thing they asked me was…  "Could the local lotto be put online?"

Yes, but to be honest when I looked online and found available options they were very disappointing. Some had huge setup fees, others had high commission rates … but all of them sadly lacked in technical capabilities. This was the 21st Century and I knew computers could do so much more. And for a small charity with an even smaller budget, price point was the biggest deciding factor.

So I set about designing and writing the Lottoraiser system with all the bells and whistles ... and I was really proud of it. In the last 6 months of 2016 the total online funding was 20%, in 2017 we achieved 29% and in 2018 (10 months) we generated an average of 37% of the total funding.

But the manager turned around and said "That's great but what happens when you aren't here? Is it simple to use?" That was the "ah hah" moment, that hit me like a ton of bricks … and he was right. Sometimes I think everyone loves computers and technology as much as I do!

I began changing the system again so Lottoraiser would run itself, doing everything for you. Once your lottoraising is setup, the system completes every task, every time, every week. Lottoraiser can increase web traffic, promote your story through social media and distribute email reminders. I wanted something that would save people time and generate income, without having to watch it constantly and require a prompt for any action.


But as much as it breaks my heart to say… besides me, nobody cares if Lottoraiser is a technical masterpiece. People who need Lottoraiser, need something that works and gives them confidence. The confidence that all their online fundraising chores will be done without constant attention and with minimal of fuss. While there is always room for improvement, I am happy to have achieved this goal.

James Grimshaw



Lottoraiser has so many automatied technical capabilities

... it's like having a digital marketing specialist devoted to all online lotto duties.


Posters Designs

Every week a poster is automatically created with your results and emailed to players, posted to facebook and twitter. We can create a custom design based on your lotto poster or even an idea scribbled on the back of a napkin. Poster designs use your primary colour ("Green for Lottoraiser") and some also have seasonal designs which celebrate most holidays.

Want to see the whole poster range? Click here. (May take a moment to load.)

FiftyFifty Shield
GAA Striker HalfLine
Pearls +Img
Graphic Dialogue
GAA Simple
FlyerOne +Img
GAA Ballsy Sliothar
FiftyFifty Tiarnan
GAA Ballsy Football
GAA Striker Outline
FiftyFifty Shield
FiftyFifty Tiarnan
GAA Simple
FiftyFifty Second


Ticket Designs

Lottoraiser Tickets are created according to your current local lotto ticket. We can even recreate your tickets from a mobile picture.

Want to see more ticket designs? Click here. (May take a moment to load.)