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It's always about improvement…
So Lottoraiser has decided to allow entry of physical tickets into the database for free. The idea is to keep everything online and as paperless as possible.

As a volunteer myself, you want maximum value in life with less effort, keep it all online and we can even notify your offline players too.

I love customer service, just the peace of mind of having a question answered when I think of it (sometimes at really odd hours of the night). And this is something I want for Lottoraiser, an all-around good quality service.

A service that benefits people and makes things as simple as possible … and always adds value to you, your club/charity, and your local lotto.


Email us and you will be amazed at how far we can take your lotto!

James Grimshaw




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Posters Designs

We can digitise your Lotto Poster or you can use one of ours.

Want to see the whole poster range? Click here. (May take a moment to load.)

Z Line
FiftyFifty Fiadh
ALLNumber Aoife
FiftyFifty OMG Aisling
Z Line
FiftyFifty Shield
FiftyFifty Sorcha
Graphic Dialogue
FiftyFifty Kayleigh
FiftyFifty Sile
FiftyFifty Simple