How to Play

Lottoraiser has made playing simple, you don't need a password or login information. Just fill in the ticket with your details and pay. If you continue to play, you will receive an email with a personal link, this will allow you to enter previous ticket details quickly.

How to Play
00:09  Fill in your Ticket details.
00:22  Multiple tickets, number of tickets in a single draw.
00:36  Change details on other tickets.
00:48  Plays enter in for multiple draws.
01:06  Terms and Conditions (Also in the description below).
01:14  Receive promotion and results, GDPR options.
01:22  First play OTC, One-time code.
01:40  Enter in your OTC (Numbers 0-9 and Lowercase Letters a-z).
01:51  Ticket confirmation Screen.
02:01  Ticket confirmation for multiple plays.
02:07  Two payment options, Pay up Front or by Subscriptions
02:32  Email Links, View your Account Details.
02:41  User Account Page. Email unsubscribe options.
03:06  Subscription payment Tickets. Cancel Subscription or Update Billing.
03:18  Quickly fill your ticket, with your details.

Please contact us if you have more questions.

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