Lottoraiser Electrify, Enhance and Expand your Worldwide

LottoRaiser is an online Lotto ticket selling system.

Created to allow local clubs, charities and societies the ability to run their local lotto online with no setup fee.


Lottoraiser, making online fundraising simple for you.



What Lottoraiser can do for you!

•   Lottoraiser is Highly customisable and makes everything simple.

•   Customise tickets, your ticket becomes a live interactive form. Like playing in the local post office.

•   Our only Fee is a Commission of 15%, on tickets Lottoraiser sells online.

•   Our commission decreases the more you earn! (The first €200 is charged at 15%, Between €200-€500 is charged at 12%, and after €500 its 8%.) You pay less with our service!

•   NO Transaction Fees, NO Monthly/Yearly Recurring Fees, No Service Fees, No Hidden Fees, No VAT charges or any other extra charges!

•   Membership Forms. Charge at the same commission. Compatible with databases, for easy transfer of all your members.

•   Fast Customer Response Time. Between 9 am and 11 pm (GMT). If you have a question or technical issue, we will always respond and resolve it fast. You are important to us and we are always glad to help.

•   Promotes to social media for you. Player reminders posted on Facebook and Twitter, automatically letting your players know of upcoming draws.

•   Emails online players about upcoming draws and results. Interested players get an email reminder, and if they enter, will get the results when the draw is closed.

•   SMS Texting Service. Reminding your players before the draw starts and boost sales.

•   Creates Posters. Customised or preselected posters to bring an added wow to your lotto results.

•   Payments handled by Stripe. Stripe is trusted worldwide, encrypted and very secure.

•   Funds transferred into your bank. Funds transferred directly into your bank account.

•   For your players, No login required. No sign up required by players, just enter in ticket details, pay and go system.

•   Save player tickets. Players have the last few tickets held on record, so they can quickly reuse and purchase tickets.

•   Flexible payments for players. Full payment upfront or a subscription. Players can choose their purchase commitment level for one draw or multiple draws.

•   No Big Bulk purchase commitments. Players are not required to purchase big numbers of tickets. Players also can cancel their ticket at any time.

•   Mobile and SEO friendly. Most people play on mobile devices so we accommodate all major devices and browsers.

•   Email Newspapers + Others. Emails draw results to newspapers or others, for example, if you want to publish your results in a newspaper advert.

•   Lottoraiser keeps detailed records. All draw summaries and invoice receipts saved and backed up.

•   Ticket cheating prevented. Player Tickets are encoded with ticket information and stop tampering.


 We are unrivalled in price vs value. Compare us and contact us!