Lottoraiser Electrify, Enhance and Expand your Worldwide

LottoRaiser is an online Lotto ticket selling system.

This is a software that has been created to allow local clubs, charities and societies the ability to run their local lotto on-line with no setup fee required.


Lottoraiser, making online fundraising simple for you.



What Lottoraiser can do for you!

  • Lottoraiser is Highly customisable and makes everything simple.
  • Customise tickets, your ticket becomes a live interactive form. Your players fill in and receive your online lotto ticket.
  • Our only Fee is a Commission of 15%, on tickets Lottoraiser sells online.
  • NO Transaction Fees, NO Monthly/Yearly Recurring Fees, NO Service Fees, NO Hidden Fees, NO VAT charges or any other extra charges!
  • Promotes to social media. Player reminders posted on Facebook and Twitter, automatically letting your players know of upcoming draws.
  • Email players about draws. Interested players get an email reminder, and if they enter, will get the results when the draw is closed.
  • Texting Service. Reminding your players before the draw starts and boost sales.
  • Creates Posters. Customised or preselected posters to bring an added wow to your lotto results.
  • Payments handled by PayPal. PayPal is trusted worldwide, encrypted and very secure.
  • Funds transferred into your bank. Funds transferred directly into your bank account each week.
  • For your players, No login required. No sign up required by players, just enter in ticket details, pay and go system.
  • Save player tickets. Players have the last few tickets held on record, so they can quickly reuse and purchase tickets.
  • Flexible payments for players. Full payment upfront or a subscription. Players can choose their purchase commitment level for one draw or multiple draws.
  • No Bulk purchase commitments. Players are not required to purchase big numbers of tickets. Players also can cancel their ticket at any time.
  • Mobile and SEO friendly. Most people play on mobile devices so we accommodate all major devices and browsers.
  • Email Newspapers + Others. Emails draw results to newspapers or others, for example, if you want to publish your results in a newspaper advert.
  • Lottoraiser keeps detailed records. All draw summaries and invoice receipts saved and backed up.
  • Ticket cheating prevented. Player Tickets are encoded with ticket information and stop tampering.


 We are unrivalled in price vs value. Compare us and contact us!